Seasonal Increase in AC Repair Palo Alto Services

HVAC Palo Alto CAOn our latest team outing we experienced a little bit of an issue with one of our teammates air conditioning on board his aircraft.

This year we decided to fly out for our competition, although we didn’t expect so much wear and tear on our aircrafts during our travel to Palo Alto California. Seeing as we already live with in California we didn’t think that it would be much of an issue to practice our run a few times while traveling together.

To our luck, one of our pilots needed to service his air conditioner before our competition started. Since we were competing in the middle of August, there was no doubt it would be a very intense competition in the heat. We decide to make some calls to a few of the local shops in the area after visiting the maps on our phones. However call times and arrival just couldn’t suit our schedule.

We really didn’t think that finding quick AC repair in Palo Alto California would be a difficult task at all. After speaking with a few of the representatives on the phone they did mention that August was a peak time for them and it was very difficult to get anybody out sooner than 90 minutes on any given day within that month. Now that we know this we’re probably going to make two adjustments going forward on our upcoming competitions.

One change we have decided is that we will no longer fly on planes to our competition destinations. We will organize a better means of getting our aircrafts to our destination. And number two, we decided to make sure that our parts are in working order before leaving for our destination.

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